LUBRICATED GOAT 'Schadenfreude' mini-lp

Sort of an odd coining for a record when one takes into account the recent exploits The Goat experienced on their first tour stateside just this past fall (for a full account see our upcoming issue for glorious detail). Schadenfreude means, specifically, a person who takes pleasure in the misery of others, and if that means taking part in the aural delight that any Goat record provides we'd all be hopping on that boat as soon as possible.

Simply, this is the most cognizant of the three records to date and the band benefits from the shorter format indeed. So long as Stuart (Spasm) Gray remains at the helm, their demented vision will remain clear and concise - calling the guy a visionary is simply understatement - and The Goat will remain bent for records to come (so long as Stu continues). Sometimes the penchant for carrying on as they do remains self-indulgent, but the warpedness of what they kick out is an enveloping mass of sound and totality that few fellow Australian bands can distinctly match in quality, let alone originality. Got a problem with that?

This is the third recorded line-up and by all accounts it will not be the last change in personnel (completely different drummer and second guitarist (here Charlie Tolnay of King Snake Roost) from the US tour and it's changed again since they've gotten back), but the core remains intact with Stuart as the helmsman, and Guy Maddison (bass) providing the plutonium anchor from which the Goat sound swings and ultimately detonates. Certainly the live aspect of this band was entertaining if not entirely together all of the time. If these dag munchers could pull it together parallel to recorded output there'd clearly be little room for comparison.
[Black Eye] -Peter Davis