The first Lubricated Goat album was something like being in the middle of an earthquake in downtown Shanghai. Lots of crunching sounds, upheaval, things bursting and a lot of people dashing around yelling in funny voices. 'Paddock Of Love' hits more of a guitar groove from the start and lacks the sense of unpredictability 'Lubricated Goat Plays The Devil's Music' had.

There are still a lot of bleating horns and twisted guitar lines amid the more defined riffs. 'Paddock' is vaguely reminiscent of The Butthole Surfers, but cuts a path all its own. Definitely an exception tot he common image of Australian wah-wah monomania, this album strikes the right chords. By all accounts, Goat chieftain Stu Spasm is an authentic goofball and he has fashioned two fine LP's in a row. From the first cut, 'In The Raw', you know you're in the hands of a special friend.
[Black Eye] -Bruce Adams