. . . and not only would you have a popular adult film, you'd have CRUNT, the teaming of Babes In Toyland's Kat Bjelland, Lubricated Goat's Stu Spasm and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's Russel Simins. Their debut on Trance is loose and shakin' like Elvis Presley from the waist down on the Ed Sullivan show. "That's fair enough," agrees Spasm. "Me and Russell just hooked up for a jam to see what would happen. We played once, and then we recorded them." The bass slot originally belonged to Simins' wife, but when the couple divorced, Bjelland jumped in. As for the name, "It sounds like someone hitting the hood of a car with a baseball bat. There's other connotations that you can only get because there's a girl in the band, otherwise you could have called it Penish or Bloobs." Simins perception? "We're putting the 'r' back in Crunt."